Friday, 21 November 2014

New College , New Friends :)

Assalamualaikum guys :)
Holla , after a long break for me to update mah blog,
Nahh , today I wanna share about my new college.
After I got my UPSR result, I entered SMK Raja Chulan school.
But only for a month I think. Then I got an offer to MRSM Gerik !
Alhamdulillah . My registration date is on 3rd February. Woahh 
very happy ! I cannot wait to start my daily life there!
My brother also school there 2 years ago . Mior Ahmad Azam . 
But now he is in MRSM Parit. IGCSE student >.< 
Hm , I entered Alphard 1 class, third generation !
New class for 2012. Erm , But now , Disember..
I got an information from a teacher that made a status about
new names for our classes for next year,2015 ..
My class name would be , Melbourne ! Not Alphard anymore >_<
Wahh , can't wait to start school next year ! 
Bye , bye !

Thanks for Reading,

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